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So glad you popped in. I'm Beth Wright, the ceramic artist behind Be Still Arts.


The work you see is all handmade from the bottom up, or top down. It has been touched with life and formed with pieces of my thoughts, feelings, joys and sorrows, created from a deep place of compassion for the complexity of human nature. Working with clay has brought about much healing, transformation and growth in my life that I hope to pass on as I make connections with people through my craft. When I'm throwing a vessel or making my first dip into the water to center a ball of clay, my mind starts to focus on what's really important, what really matters, and everything else just melts away. Through the work of my hands, I hope to portray to others a sense of peace all while trying my best to be still. I hope you feel a sense of stillness from my work. The process is almost as satisfying as the final outcome, creating something new, something beautiful, something useful, from the dirt of the earth...something out of nothing.


The pottery you see here is a collection of work that has been transforming over the past 10 years as I continue to be a student in the world of pottery-making...from wedging clay, to mixing glazes, to sweeping the studio floor.  I hope to never lose the desire to learn, because there's still so much I want to create.  

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